Hi everyone! I am Éva.

Just like many of you, I love baking. I now bake every day and when I don’t, I feel kind of lost. Baking is for me a way to keep going in my personal life and try my best as a person. Creating quality recipes with less fat but more flavor to take lots of bites has been a never-ending challenge for years.

When I started baking, I always wanted something that I could eat proud and guilt-free. That’s why most of my recipes are really low fat and sometimes contain half the calories of a similar good (like my Lightest Cheesecake Ever). But my low fat recipes have to be good enough to be compared to those goods:

No butter / no oil / no sugar / no whatever don’t mean no good!

That’s why when I create a recipe, often inspired by fellow bloggers, but I am not satisfied with the combination Healthy/Yummy, I rather not do it again and don’t share it.

I do my own calories calculations for years now and that really helps me keeping track of what I want to eat during the day. Not everyone would like to do it that way, but as a pretty (too much sometimes) organized person, that fits me really well. It is for you to know what we are talking about here when I use magic words as Healthy, Light, Low Fat, Low calories and so on 😉

I really enjoy sharing my goods to bring a little joy to the people that I love.I am really pleased to have my personal taster at home, who helps me giving my goods to have real feedback on what I bake. It has been a real need for me to have different groups of people to tell me exactly what they think of what I make.

I hope to help you to do the same by baking always more and more, and just enjoy yourself with something delicious and guilt-free. So let’s bake and bite!