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How To Blot Pumpkin {Why & What For}

Fall is here so Pumpkin  -I am so fond of pumpkin that last year I officially baptized it as a living thing!- is back!

pumpkin blotting

Hello Pumpkin and by-bye lemon, raspberry, strawberry and all your summery friends.

Make room for Pumpkin because she’s about to shine.

Well, enough about that and let’s get to the point. This post is about blotting Pumpkin and make Pumpkin purée for beautiful and amazing Fall baking. I know lots of you can get pumpkin purée in can the supermarkets, but for those who can’t or are brave enough to do this thing, I’ve got a trick for you.

how to blot pumpkin

What is your secret Pumpkin?

how to blot pumpkin

Well, as you can see on the picture above, the secret is to blot the pumpkin purée in a clean and thick towel. Instead of blotting it with literally one roll of paper towels, a thick and clean -obviously- towel will be much more efficient.

So, why and what for do you have to blot Pumpkin?

If you are willing to bake pumpkin goods like my

Healthy Pumpkin Cookiespumpkin cookies

you need to blot the pumpkin like crazy because you don’t want all of the water coming from it, you just want the flavor.

If you don’t blot the pumpkin correctly, you’ll end up with cakey cookies. And you don’t want that.



fall bakingPumpkin Tower For One

For this one, you don’t need to have blotted your pumpkin as much as for the cookies;

however, even if moisture is good for cake, you have to blot your pumpkin to leave out some moisture.



pumpkin muffinsFall Muffins {with Biscoff center}

For this one also, blot the pumpkin but not too hard.

This is more a cake than a cookie, but it still is a muffin and I like my muffins not too airy nor light like a sponge, so leave out some moisture.



Now that you know why and what for you should blot Pumpkin, how do you actually make a good blotted Pumpkin purée?


how to blot pumpkin

You can follow this process:

  • Cut the pumpkin in large chunks, you don’t need to remove the skin -wash it with water first-
  • Add the pumpkin in boiling water and let cook until very tender
  • Drain the pumpkin chunks
  • In the bottom a medium bowl, place a clean and thick towel; sides of the towel should hang out like in the picture above
  • Add your drained pumpkin chunks and close the towel
  • You can leave it out for 15 minutes
  • Then squeeze hard the towel with the pumpkin in it -make sure the towel is ‘closed’ with your hands- and leave out as much water as you can
  • If you feel the pumpkin is still wet, you can do this another time with another clean to blot pumpkin

I know it’s a rather boring and annoying process, but trust me, you’ll be glad with your Fall baking.

Happy Fall Baking!



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