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Biscones : Best Biscuit & Best Scone ever!

An unbelievable breakfast baked good: between a scone and a baking powder biscuit, let them rise and shine, they are divine!

Best Scone  Best Biscuit Blueberry Scone Healthy Skinny Scone

I don’t know about you but to me, a scone is the best breakfast I can have. Abroad or at home, I think I never had something better to start the day. [Should I say I am eating one right now??]

When I was younger, I first ate one in the Dartmoor (UK) and I have to say that I did not quite like them. Although the ‘concept’ of the thing was appealing to me, the one I tasted was too fluffy and I can even remember now that the ingredient disturbing me was shortening. I am pretty sure I would have liked it today but you know…you can be a bit stupid when you’re young!

Anyway, there really was the baking powder biscuit kind. Indeed if you are fond of scones / baking powder biscuits, you know they are several differences between them but they’re all delicious. I never really had a preference, but I wanted to try them all! When I came back to the UK, I tried several baking powder biscuits with different flavors and shapes: round, triangle, square…more or less crunchy, fluffy…always good but not quite the ones I had in Canada.

To be fair, it was more scones than baking powder biscuit. They were often with blueberries or berries and these ones were my favorites. In Ireland, where I have been many times now, I literally eat one or two per day: I wanted to try them all! They all look alike and still, they were all different. Some were more tasteful than others but I was really pleased with them.

All that to say: I lo-ve scones / baking powder biscuits.

[Incoming: lots of scones’ photos]

Baking Powder Biscuits British Scones

I’ve always heard that baking scones –I imply scones / baking powder biscuits but that can be really tiring to read for you and new word is coming..Biscone!- was faster and easier that going out and buy them. Well, at first I really didn’t agree with that, but two or three times (so…years) later, I couldn’t agree more! Even if I enjoyed making them the first times –the scones in photo at the header of my blog are one of them-, I ended up with too many scones and way too much flour on my kitchen so I stopped making them for a moment.

Baking Powder biscuits British Scones

But one week where I bought buttermilk* to make a cake, and as I really hate throwing anything away (even if I have like 20 g condensed milk left  link   , I have to do something with it) I decided to do a ‘Scones week’. As I do not have a crowd to feed, it can be really hard not to throw away these babies. But, I couldn’t allow this! So, as I only need 62 ml for 6 scones (small size), with my 1 l bottle, I could make them at least five times. And try a lot of things.

British scones British Baking Powder Biscuits

*Where I live, in Britain, we use ‘lait ribot’ which is the exact equivalent to buttermilk and give the scones their unbelievable flavor.

What is great about making one baked good many times in little time, is that you know when you manage it, you know what you are doing, and every time you can be so proud of yourself. Or a least know you do a good job. And that is what happened to me: I was sooo happy to have a scone per day, and to make up some new recipes without even realizing it.

I have several scones / biscuits recipes that I ‘validated’ for good. BUT, I did not have a Biscone recipe yet…

Scones Baking Powder Biscuits Brunch Oat Bran

After buying buttermilk to do my Salted caramel cake, I made scones three times. First time great: healthy scones with oat bran, second time great: scones with condensed milk and strawberries (shortcake-like but with a cookie texture) and the third time: Oh My.

Scones Baking Powder biscuits

The Holy Grail. Really. A combination of scone and baking powder biscuit: the Biscone is born.

Fluffy, crunchy, oaty (optional), blueberry…perfection [for me at least]. And moreover, there is NO SUGAR in them!

Biscones Scones Baking powder biscuits

So, after a bit of talking, here is my recipe of this ultimate Biscone.

Scone and biscuit, the biscone

  • Servings: 3 large or 6 small
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The perfect combination of a crunchy scone and a fluffy baking powder biscuits


  • (115 g) flour
  • (15 g) oats
  • 1 & ½ tsp baking powder
  •  (31 g) cold and cubed salted butter [can substitute for unsalted if you do not have it]
  • (30 g) skimmed condensed milk
  • (31 g) buttermilk
  • Buttermilk, egg yolk or milk to brush before baking optional
  • Sugar to sprinkle optional



    Preheat the oven at 430°F (220°C) and prepare a silicon mat, a parchment paper in a baking mat, or grease a pan if you don’t have any of them.
  1. Whisk the flour, oats and baking powder together. Set aside.
  2. Add the butter and make a crumbly texture with your hands.
  3. Add the buttermilk and condensed milk. Mix with a rubber spatula, just until incorporated.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a floured surface or directly in the parchment paper and shape it with your hands. At this step you can choose a round shape to have even triangles, a square or a rectangle to have different triangle shapes.
  5. With a sharp knife, cut lightly the shapes of triangle you want.
  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. You really have to be super careful not to overbake them so I suggest you stay right in front of the oven at the 9’ mark.

    Nutritional Information

    Per serving: 1 small: 110 cal / 1 large: 220 cal

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