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Turn Your Leftovers Into a Unique Good

How to turn you leftovers into a unique good? (and by that I emphasize on the double-meaning because it would be ‘just for you’!)

If you regularly bake, there is a pretty good chance you find yourself with leftovers. And I daresay that, like me, I’m sure you tried your best to get rid of these beautiful baked: not because you didn’t want to eat them, no indeed you wanted to bite into! But, reason may have won, and in that case help is needed. Neighbours? Colleagues? Family? Anyone on the street??

No Bake Bar Gingerbread Christmas

Well, it may seem easy to give leftovers but, I don’t know for you, but for me that is not that easy.

You see, I don’t have any children [not even a dog who could take advantage of the situation, but I wish!].

I don’t know my neighbours that well and I am almost positive when I say they would think I am really weird to go the their door and ask them to bite into my baked!

I no longer have co[o]leagues and I have to say this was really enjoyable to bring them as many baked as possible: as soon as everyone tells you ‘You should bring them more often’, I am sure you understand perfectly that I didn’t need to be told twice! But I don’t see them anymore, so I had to slowly but surely make my boyfriend’s colleagues meet my baked until they are addicted! And that worked pretty well! They do not see my face and do not really know me, but they certainly feel like it.

My Family. Hem. Yeah, I try to bake for them as much as I can but they don’t have much of a sweet tooth so that can be a problem: they love ‘my teatime’ but not too often. Even if they like being gathered together around a table to have coffee, juice and a nice bite of one of my baked, they have their own lives. So, I had to find other way to share that with them. They love cookies and bars, so, as it is way easier to make and to bring (Hello car cake-crash! Isn’t it a real world? No, really?) AND no need special occasion or to be served in a plate with the whole set for a good Teatime, I have been able to keep bringing them baked. Not as often as I wish, but, I am kinda happy with that.

Anyone on the street? I think that kind of obvious it would be difficult [first reason: there is no soul on the street near the house] and the only reason I would be on the street is because I would be on my Coffee shop, Tearoom, or something like that, and I would give free samples to invite you to come in and have a look! Any way for now it is only just a dream!


Leftovers with bread Applesauce and Biscoff bread
With applesauce bread

So, even though there are way bigger problems in the world than that [and that’s not even a real problem if you think about it], I would like to share with you some of my unique ways to do something just for one or two, in order to prevent wasting.

Any bread –banana bread; applesauce bread, carrot cake bread…- or pound cakes are just great to work with. You can also use cakes, but they have to be dense and not too fluffy because there would be a pretty good chance that they do not hold up and collapse with filling/frosting/glaze or whatever you may add.

*Here are a few combination examples:

-Applesauce bread+applesauce+Biscoff spread

-Banana bread+chocolate frosting+chocolate glaze

-Lemon Pound Cake+lemon curd+homemade meringue

Turn Your Leftover into a Unique Good with bread, cake, or biscuits
Good with two slices of bread, homemade filling and a glaze

Create a unique good with bread or cake/rectangle shape

  • Servings: As much as you want
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  • You can either cut two slices lengthwise or in the cake width, depending on what you leftover looks like. They have to be about the same size in order to make a beautiful and even good, but they don’t have to weigh exactly the same. You can have one heavier than the other, just make sure this is the one you put on the bottom. Usually my slices weighs about (50 g) each.
  • Place the heavier slice in the plate and cover with anything you like.*
  • Place the second slice on top.
  • Glaze; frost the slice on the top. If you want to completely cover your good, I suggest (50 g) of what you use.
  • Place in the fridge: I highly recommend it; first of all because if your baked is a few days old, it would be better stored in the fridge and this will help your frosting or other cover to set easily.
Leftovers with round cake
With cake (round shape), jam and buttercream

Leftovers with round cake

Create a unique bake with bread or cake/round shape

  • Servings: As much as you want
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  • Imagine you cake cut in two, lengthwise.
  • Cut a slice in one of the length, about one inch wide.
  • Transfer it on a plate, face down (not up).
  • If you cake was filled, that’s great, so you have already your filling, otherwise you can add whatever you want on top of the slice or make holes with a straw (stop before you reach the bottom) to fill it with what you like (melted spread, jam…)
  • Cover with a glaze or whatever you like.
  • recipe-ingredients]

WITH BISCUITS [bought or homemade]

Round, square or rectangle, you can turn your simple biscuits in a unique good! They are really helpful because they are often just the right texture to hold your good securely.

Leftover with biscuits Gingerbread Biscuits

Create a unique good with biscuits

  • Servings: As much as you want
  • Print


  • Place one biscuit on a plate or anything you want.
  • Fill with jam, ganache, spread, frosting, basically anything you want that is creamy (you can obviously make your own filling).
  • Place a second biscuit.
  • Next you can stop here, glaze it or continue with the layers.
  • Place in the fridge at least 30 min before enjoying.

I really hope this is helpful and will help you to enjoy your leftovers!

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