I love baking, but I also love translating.

I am a an English into French translator and looking for new opportunities of translations.

As you certainly know, French people are more and more interested in international food and baking, and in any field or subject, translation is a great asset to be approachable to more people.

That is why I really think it would be an opportunity to be visible to a greater number of people and to increase your readership to share your recipes like I do, or anything that matters to you.

I have translated many recipes or baking-related articles for several years, since I started baking on my own. I bake every day and read everything I find interesting on the subject, so I have a knowledge in that domain, know what I translate about, and love to do so.

Do you have a baking blog? Cooking blog? Or any website you would like to translate into French? I would be delighted to translate it for you!