Healthy Muffins!

Healthy Muffins, Low fat Muffins, Skinny Muffins, Low carb Muffins
A sweet healthy muffin that rises beautifully and has so not many calories! What do you prefer for a break(fast)? I know that I said

Fudgy Brownies Bars

Fudgy Brownie Bars
A homemade fudgy brownie bar is way better than a bought one, totally worth the wait!          [wprm-recipe-jump] A fudgy brownie

Easy Tahini Cookies

Accidentally vegan, these cookies are so tasty and healthy you would not believe you’re eating a cookie! Maybe you are like me and you like

Never-fail High Muffins

A high muffin that will-not-let-you-down!    [wprm-recipe-jump]  It is true, a muffin is almost always enjoyed by everyone but really often there is something that breaks

Nutty Pie

Nutty Pie Pie with Peanuts
A pie full of nuts, even in the crust! Pies are always special. For the one good reason that they have at least one